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Houses Around the World and Across Time - 1

Posted: October 29, 2018 by Doriana P. Stafford


In the next few blog posts I will take you around the world and across  time . Of course, it is all about houses and buildings.

My entire life I have been drawn to houses. I can walk or drive by a house one hundred times and always see something new. I notice details and see beauty, harmony, and functionality  where others see structure, materials, and brands. In my business I make the point that they all go together and complement each other.

I am a person who likes diversity. Changes challenge and stretch me, and also excite me. New places fascinate me. Traveling charges me. Well, sometimes it drains me too.

I have been to three continents. The building structures and houses I have seen vary from ancient times and Middle ages to the latest ones from 21st century. What an incredible enrichment! I have been mesmerized by some buildings and have had all my senses invigorated by taking them in. Can't wait to share with you. Are you ready?

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