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Houses Around The World And Across Time- Part 3

Posted: November 05, 2018 by Doriana P. Stafford

Houses Around The World And Across Time- Part 3

To all my current and potential clients,

What you will learn now is something you probably would have never thought of searching for. Most likely you never thought of it. I hope to stir curiosity in you about places and facts that are not in popular trivia questions and are hidden from the mass tourism culture. I have said before that the home is an extension of the woman who lives in it. I don’t claim the invention of this wisdom. For sure I have read it somewhere. It may have been just an expansion of the phrase “A man builds a house, the woman makes it a home”.

I wonder if architects and master builders centuries ago thought of this when designing a house ? It is vital to remember that every house back then was a custom one- the owner would designate the desired location and the budget, would decide on the style, then he would research and find the architect or master who was famous for building that style, and would invite him. Many times the Master was even in different country. He would come and live in the new location while working on the construction to supervise it until the very end. His salary included the travels and full board. The final result was always a master piece and recorded as unique house, built by so and so specially for so and so.

I will ask you to join me for a short trip to Eastern Europe during the Revival. Of course, it will be all about houses.

To be continued. Stay tuned until the next blog entry of Houses Around The World And Across Time


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