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Houses Around The World And Across Time- Part 4

Posted by Doriana P. Stafford on November 07, 2018 in  Popular Destinations
My dear clients, Remember in my last blog post I talked about how custom homes were built in the 1800s-early 1900s? If you don’t  recall what I am talking about you can check my posts history.  The main fact was that the architect was often literally moving in with the clients. Or he was provided comfortable full boarding close by for the entire time during construction.  As a Realtor, I can tell you that in our day new construction seldom takes more than few months. Back then it easily took mo... read more

Houses Around The World And Across Time- Part 3

Posted by Doriana P. Stafford on November 05, 2018 in  Popular Destinations
Houses Around The World And Across Time- Part 3 To all my current and potential clients, What you will learn now is something you probably would have never thought of searching for. Most likely you never thought of it. I hope to stir curiosity in you about places and facts that are not in popular trivia questions and are hidden from the mass tourism culture. I have said before that the home is an extension of the woman who lives in it. I don’t claim the invention of this wisdom. For sure I have read it somewh... read more

Houses Around the World and Across Time - 1

Posted by Doriana P. Stafford on October 29, 2018 in  Popular Destinations
  In the next few blog posts I will take you around the world and across  time . Of course, it is all about houses and buildings. My entire life I have been drawn to houses. I can walk or drive by a house one hundred times and always see something new. I notice details and see beauty, harmony, and functionality  where others see structure, materials, and brands. In my business I make the point that they all go together and complement each other. I am a person who likes diversity. Changes challenge a... read more